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Here at Galveston Remodeling, we hope to be your first and last choice for all your renovation work both inside and outside your home. Our company prides itself on providing the highest quality work, with licensed technicians able to complete painting services and tasks within your time frame and your budget!

Galveston remodeling home painting services

We offer a whole host of renovation and remodeling services, with painting being high on the list. Nothing beautifies a home quite like a fresh coat of paint. It’s also the quickest, most cost-efficient way to transform the interior or exterior of your property. But to get the job done right, you’ll want to hire the best company you can find. So why not hire us?

From priming to plastering, painting interior walls or the exterior of your house, we handle it all. Our craftsmen are loyal and courteous, and available to start remodeling your home today!

Steps in the Painting Process

Painting and decorating can be more complex than it appears, which is why you need experienced painters who can get the best results every single time. At Galveston Remodeling, we employ a step by step process for all your painting projects.

This involves preparing the surface before our expert painter even thinks about reaching for the brush. He knows that if the surface prep isn’t done properly, the results will be sloppy and unsightly. Each step can be time-consuming, which is another reason why it’s always best to hire professionals to do the job.

Plastering is a process performed when creating an acceptable surface before painting or molding can begin. If there is an existing rough textured substrate, for example, plastering takes care of the issue, ensuring a final smooth surface to work with.

A professional trimming job is a must when doing any home renovation project. First, you will need to choose which type of trim you want to use before any wall or room painting starts.

Trimming process in painting

Any metal or woodwork surrounds are referred to as trim, or in other words, all painted surface besides the ceilings or walls fall under the category of trim.

Priming is essential in any home remodeling or renovation project. If you need an area repainted, especially if you choose a lighter color of paint than the original, priming is a step in the process that absolutely cannot be skipped.

Primed vs. unprimed painting

You can think of primer as a kind of glue for the paint and once again, it is an essential step to achieving a spectacular finish with the end result.

Finally, the paint can be applied. Whether inside your house to bring new life to a tired living space, or to enhance the exterior of your home, once the first three steps have been completed by an experienced professional from Galveston Remodeling, the painting itself is a breeze.

Painting Services in Galveston

Yes, painting your home, doing trim, and preparing for the job can be a time consuming, slow process. But ultimately, you will appreciate the time spent getting the job done right the first time.

Give us a call today at Galveston Remodeling, and allow us to transport your house into a wonderful home!

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