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The primary function of the siding on the outside of your home is to provide protection from the elements. But it also insulates the interior from heat, cold and street noise. Over time, the siding will show signs of wear and tear and can end up looking shabby.

This impacts the quality of the protection it provides, and it can have a diverse effect on the resale value. Replacing or renovating the siding can restore the level of protection your home deserves. It can also give it an attractive, brand new look.

Siding services on a house in Galveston, Texas

Sidings from Galveston Remodeling

Our company in Galveston, Texas, are experts in siding installation and repair. Our highly motivated team of professionals have many years of experience.

We work on apartments, private homes, condos, and business premises, delivering first-class quality every time.

What is Siding?

Siding, or cladding as it is also known, is attached to the exterior walls of your home. It forms a protective barrier against the elements and creates a comfortable living space inside. Both in summer and winter.

Siding is also a significant feature designed to improve the appearance of your home. Older, worn sidings, or siding work that has been carried out poorly, can spoil the overall look of your home and your property in general.

Why Hire Galveston Remodeling?

Texas is rife with siding installation and repair businesses. And all of them claim to be better than the others. Sorting through, and talking to, each of these contractors is time-consuming and often not very helpful.

Which is why you should come straight to us. We’re proud of our reputation as THE BEST siding service in Galveston. Our many satisfied customers are proof of our excellent service and superior workmanship.

Here at Galveston Remodeling, we offer a variety of excellent siding options in Galveston and the surrounding area. We always work with high-quality and attractive, weather resistant materials, from aluminum to wood and vinyl.

If you’re in doubt as to what is best for your home, our team is happy to walk you through the pros and cons of each material. Our expertly installed sidings are guaranteed to provide high levels of protection and insulation. They’ll also make your home look great, helping you to increase its market value and street appeal.

Galveston Remodeling can completely replace your siding, or we can make repairs to damaged sections. We’re fully insured and vastly experienced, and we have a huge number of positive customer reviews.

Siding Replacement or Repair?

Is your siding is showing signs of wear and tear? Have cracks and gaps appeared? If yes, then the integrity of your home is at risk. Rot is another danger that is not easy to see with an untrained eye, especially with wooden sidings.

Over time, the wood will absorb water and once the rot sets in, it’s almost impossible to stop. Termites are another enemy of the wooden siding on older homes.

It pays to get a professional assessment. We can advise you on whether it’s worthwhile partially replacing your damaged wood with new timber.

We can also introduce you to one of our many, more modern and longer lasting solutions, such as vinyl or aluminum.

Galveston Remodeling understands that every home is unique and every homeowner has specific requirements. Our team will take the time to inspect your home’s exterior and find out exactly what these requirements are.

Unlike some of the unscrupulous contracting firms out there, we won’t automatically recommend a full siding replacement if you don’t need it. We pride ourselves on caring about your budget, and we never pad our job quotes.

We do exactly what needs to be done and no more. If other contractors have quoted you for a full replacement, you’re more than welcome to come to us for a second opinion.

3 Main Steps of Siding Renovation

Removing Old and Damaged Siding

Our team will strip off the old siding. We’ll haul it away and dispose of it in an environmentally responsible manner. Stripping will usually take a day or two.

Replacing the Sheathing

The protective material under the siding is known as the sheathing. Our contractors replace this is first. It is a crucial step because it provides an extra layer of insulation and protects the wall. This also only takes a couple of days.

Installing the New Siding

Galveston Remodeling contractors attach the siding (or partial siding) of your choice. We’ll need somewhere to stack the new siding, so please make sure you have cleared enough space.

This step can take from between two to seven days, depending on the size of the house, the weather. Also, please inform us if you have any other entire exterior renovations taking place at the same time.

Other services we offer:

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Replacing/repairing the siding on your home is an excellent upgrade for your property. But it can be a complex project. From complete remodeling, a nifty makeover, or simple damage repairs, Galveston Remodeling is here to help.

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